Re-love-ution with Empty Hands!

With the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2nd October and the visit of few noble friends, we invite you to a weekend of inspiration, reflection and love around Gandhi’s universal values of compassion, equality, generosity and peace. Gandhi’s revolution had many layers to it, including political, social, systemic, spiritual… Many of the seeds he planted are still multiplying in the forms of new projects … Continúa leyendo Re-love-ution with Empty Hands!

Journey to India/ Viaje a India

“It’s time to unite inner revolution with outer revolution” #Love#InnerTransformation#Community#SmallActs #MoreKindsofWealth#SocialChange#CommonGood #Giftecology#Circles#Silence#Beauty#Service   INTRO From 25th january till 8th february we will embark in a journey of self discovery and service to India! Our main intention is to find greater love and greater compassion for the World. We look for facilitators of a cultural shift that will help humanity connect and reconnect with kindness, generosity and peace. … Continúa leyendo Journey to India/ Viaje a India